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For links from these text link pages
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

1. We will include a hypertext link within the text link
   page of an established site to yours for $31 per site
   per month.

2. To place your order below, please include these items:
   a. the number of calendar months to display the link
   b. the first calendar month the link is to start
   c. comment #1 about your product or service
   d. comment #2 about your product or service
   e. the internet address to connect to
   f. the site selection(s).

 For a link    Price = $ 31 a month per site text link page    Month(s)   Month #1   Comment #1      Comment #2      Link to      Within the site(s)

For your own verification and assurance, we will email a notice to you upon activation of the listing & link.

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