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I.   The Roofing Sites 
     A. Sites listed by:
        1. Logo
        2. Text 
     B. Rates
     C. Benefits
     D. Options
        1. Text link ad on a
           a. Text links page
           b. Home page
        2. A dedicated page
           a. Just with text
           b. Text and photo(s)
        3. A magazine ad online
           a. Half page or less
           b. Full page
           c. Home page
        4. A banner ad on other site(s)
           a. Terminology
              1) Fixed ad
              2) Ad size
           b. Show on other site(s)
              1) Options
              2) Order
     E. Terms

II.  Display a banner ad only on this site
     A. Overview
     B. Order
     C. Check spots
        1. Upper
        2. Lower
     D. Change

III. Home
     A. Order info
     B. Contact us
     C. Directions
     D. Logo & theme
     E. Privacy policy
     F. Fraud measures

IV.  Tech topics
     A. Links - 72 ppi
     B. Check resolution

V.   Connecting sites
     A. Check the ad spots
     B. Order the ad spots

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